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  Welcome Message from the President and CEO with Company Profile
    Washington, DC                                Kuwait                                      India                                         UAE                                        USA

  25 Years of Dedicated Service Bridging the Gap in Global Communication   


"Washington, DC and Kuwait are bustling with a unique quality unmatched by any other nation or city on the globe. While Washington is just that, a city, Kuwait is a nation.Both are small, but rich, robust, and powerful. Therefore, it is with great honor and pleasure that I introduce these two great nations and two great enterprises. One is a parent company, the other, a 21st century subsidiary, and both possessing a global vision of long-term, dedicated service."


Yolanda Robinson Darricarrere, Infopreneur 


A Foreign Language and Geography major at the University of the District of Columbia, Ms. Robinson Darricarrere (*Yolanda, as she prefers to be called), 

began her international marketing and communications workforce experience at the age of 19 when she worked for her friend's father, Nelson Joyner, Chairman and CEO of the Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA). 


There, serving as Marketing Associate, conducting

cold-calls and providing strategic support to link corporate

members with telecommunications companies worldwide, she got her first taste of B2B SalesYears later, she was sought after for 

E-commerce start-up companies, including and Keyra Enterprises, LLC. 



Other important professional accolades involve online publishing, collaboration, policies and procedures, and project management tools, including:SharePoint, AuthorITArcView/GIS and Primavera, and traverse such dynamic enterprises as Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, Serco North America,The National Geographic Society, The Smithsonian Institution, Architect of the Capitol, Georgetown University, and the American Red Cross National Headquarters -- Washington. D.C.


See "Customers" to get a more extensive list of enterprises

we are proud to have served

in the past. 




Bringing Local Institutions to the Forefront of Global Competition



Don't hesitate to phone or email 

the CEO directly to learn more



Go to "Contact Us" to schedule

a meeting tailored to suit your

business development needs.




"The foundation of knowing the importance and power of global understanding and global

partnerships, is in turn, the

foundation that drives our

company's success!"


As a student, she encouraged her fellow classmates to embark on an academic journey that would focus

not only on industry research and

field studies, but on global concepts and trends as well.  


After a series of high-profile

academic programs: Urban Studies at the National Institute of Geography (Hunter College, New York City), State Dept. Diplomatic Core Leadership

and Francophone African

Literature & Film Studies Programs 

(Howard University, Washington, DC), and a Master of Arts Program in Industrial and Economic Geography (McGill University, Montreal, Canada), she received an Award for Cultural Understanding (UDC, Charles V. Rivers Foundation). 



Yolanda also embarked on global studies programs worldwide, studying both in classroom and in the field, in over 22 countries around the globe: Eastern, Western, and Southern Europe, East and Southeast Asia, and the Magreb. As as well as IT global training in Dubai, UAE, and Goa, India.



 Customized and Personalized Technical and Business Communications Support Services

"Let Us Be Your Professional Link to the Global Market Economy"


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